We don't charge anything from students, colleges & companies !

Assessed & Certified Data

Get access to huge authentic data approved by the placement officers of respective colleges.

Placement officers themselves uploading the database provide you the access to all the students at a click.

Filter student data on assessment score to manipulate student quality and screen numbers as per requirement.

Access CITOP certified students list & Get students technically trained on multiple technologies. Hire Trained Fresher directly from the colleges to achieve high-performing candidates.

Easy Hiring at-a-click

Create campus events as per the hiring schedule and customize the features like participating colleges, eligibility criteria, student technical skill-set, assessment score.

Convey information to all the colleges at a click, Track your campus events on your dashboard.

Get reports & details about top ranking colleges, top performing colleges in assessments, number of certified students, technical skill-set of students etc.

View student data from multiple colleges at your own workstation anywhere, anytime.

Process Tracking

Track the colleges appearing in the campus event and maintain regular communication, if needed.

Track the real number of students’ eligible and actual number of students appearing for the drive.

Reach to the student directly via mails and college news postings.

Option to go for an assessment round before the final campus event to keep a better track of the quality and turn-out of the candidates.

Increase Transparency & Approachability

Reach to the maximum number of colleges without spending time and survey.

Platform to provide equal opportunities to all the colleges on the basis of student score and skill-sets.

Increase transparency with no middle link between the companies and the colleges. @CITOP – Employers meet employees


Students get access to CITOP learning platform and Companies get access to CITOP certified candidates.

Access CITOP certified student’s assessment scores; acquire better skilled resources.

Get technically trained students on multiple technologies at zero cost.



Enhance activities

Get freedom from documentation and utilize time for more activities.

Involve students with activities like regular practice tests, interview experiences of previous candidates.

Use CITOP learning platform and create better learning atmosphere.

Increase opportunities

Get visible to large pool of companies (large, mid-sized and start-ups)

Become a part of company’s pool campus events and give more opportunities to your students.

Improve Ratings

Use CITOP assessment platform to increase test scores of your students and thus increase the college rating. Students with high scores appear in top lists.

Increase your student’s technical talent on multiple technologies using CITOP learning platform & Get more students certified.

More toppers in the list from your college, more will be your college’s rating

Increase placements

Placement is the biggest service and challenge for any college. It is not a rocket science; it simply depends on some crucial features like given below:

  • Approachability & visibility with the companies
  • Student performance in company aptitude tests
  • Student technical knowledge and communication skills

So, utilize the CITOP platform with full potential for your students and become strong on all the above points thus increasing the number of placements in your college.


Increase visibility

Update your skills and get visible in the companies talent poolUpdate your skills and get visible in the companies talent pool.

Enhance skill-sets and get noticed by the companies in pool campus drives.

Get exposed to all the companies at CITOP.

Assessments & Learning

Avail the powerful learning platform @CITOP and get prepared on corporate level on multiple technologies.

More you polish, more you shine

Test yourself on technical & aptitude modules, and get visible to companies with your test scores.

More your learn, more opportunities you will have

Priority Listing

Students with higher scores appear top in the company list, so score high in assessment tests and get priority listed.

Students with CITOP certified gets priority in company hiring process.

Placement Opportunities

Get placed in top companies.

Get opportunities in pool campus drives of large number of companies.